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Orisa Is Not Idol Worship

The word”IDOL”, is derived from the Greek word, ‘EIDOLON’ which simply means, “image”. In the continent of Africa, I have not seen, read of or heard about the image of ‘GOD’ demonstrated in one form or the other whether in the form of a picture, mould, carving or drawing which …

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What Is Ifa?

A lecture by Prof Idowu Odeyemi. With due respect to the practitioners of “African Religion”, I wish to state that, until now, writers and even thinkers have tended to overlook a fundamentally important aspect of the religion, that is, the existence of a strand which threads and knits together all …

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Predestination – Kadara , Ayanmo, Ipin, Or Akose jaye

Yoruba people of the archaic days strongly believed in predestination. They rush to the shrine to confirm a newborn’s predestination/Akose-jaye. That apart, before they embark on any significant task, they would consult a priest to ensure it conforms with their Kadara. Yoruba people strongly believe each person’s Kadara is unique …

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Fact About Religion

Some people are so wrong by condemning other’s people religions, we all knows that most of us claiming to be Christians are just church attendant. We claim to be Christ follower but non can act like Him, so what is the benefit of acting what you are not. Those practising …

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Origin Of Islamic Religion In Ondo Kingdom

The Muslims constitute about 13% of the total population of the Ondo people whereas Christians constitute 73% as revealed by the population census of 1952. Gbadamosi notes that the first record of the presence of Islam in Ondo is contained in Phillips’ diary of 26th Nov. 1880. In comparison with …

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Origin Of Ogun – God Of Iron

Many myths and legends exist as to the origin of Ogun. Much of the knowledge of the deity is based on the fact that he was one of the earliest divinities. He loved hunting and was referred to as “Osin-Imole”, that is, the Chief among the divinities. He cleared the …

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