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Personal Mode Or Pattern Of Dressing Under The Law

As a British Citizen and Bonafide Yoruba race person. The Human Rights Act 1988 of the United Kingdom (as amended) allow their citizens to enjoy their individual rights and protections as enshrined under the laws of the United Kingdom. Then, the Fundamental Rights concessions given to the citizens under Chapter …

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The Genesis of Ondo Kingdom

The history of Ondo-Ekimogun sprang from the Palace of Alaafin of Oyo in the ancient city of Oyo when the wife of Oba Alaafin Oluaso bore him twins (a male known till today as Orere and a female also known as Olu) which is forbidden in the Palace of every …

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Ondo Kingdom – Why we are, where we are

There are some fundamental things that determine or dictate the way we are and to a great extent, what we do. In simple terms, this situation is believed to be affected by who your parents are, from whom certain attributes are inherited; the environment in which you live in terms …

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