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76th Memorial Anniversary Of Late High Chief Osinrungboye (Lisa Of Ondo Kingdom 1919 -1944) – My Paternal Great Grandfather (Yeye Sadeyi Orimolade – Nee Osinrungboye Stock)

With the little that I will divulge to the general public as mentored in history, late High chief Lisa Osinrungboye was born in Ondo Town in the 18th Century whose father was a powerful traditional herbalist that care for the needs of the people.

Late High Chief Osinrungboye became Lurowo of Ondo Kingdom in the late 18th Century, along with his known friend late Chief Satusin of Okedasa who later became Lodasa of Ondo during that period in history. He acquired several acers of land in Okerowo to build his private Palace of about 150 apartments in the olden days structural design.

Late High Chief Osinrungboye became Lisa of Ondo Kingdom in 1919 where he reigned as the most ever powerful Lisa of Ondo Kingdom in history, who also proclaimed himself as OBADE during the reign of HRM Oba Otutubiosun Adekolurejo JISOMOSUN ‘II’ who was later dethroned and banished to another Town in 1925.

Late High Chief Osinrungboye became the Regent-In-Council immediately in 1925, and within a short period, he installed HRM Oba Arojojoye JILO ‘II’ in 1926 and reigned till 1935 before he joined his ancestors.

Again, late High Chief Osinrungboye became the Regent-In-Council briefly, before he thereafter installed late HRM Oba Adeuga Fidipote ‘II’ in 1935. The Oba was dethroned in 1942 due to his self-opinionated and ruthlessly adamant to the good counsel of his Chiefs and well meaning people of the Community which eventually led to his downfall.

Once more, late High Chief Osinrungboye became Regent-In-Council where he specifically asked the then Prince Rufus Adesokeji Aderele to ascend throne and subsequently installed him as the 41st OSEMAWE, HRM Oba Tewogboye ‘II’ and was presented to the entire people of Ondo Town in his capacity as the Regent of Ondo Kingdom Traditional Institution after administering the Akoko leave upon the Oba at Oiden in 1942 as his own preferred candidate among the contestants for the vacant stool.

Late High Chief Osinrungboye (Lisa of Ondo Kingdom) was knowned to have dethroned several Obas in history during his lifetime whose no one have the gut to question his authority as his word become law instantly. He counsel the new young Oba Adesokeji Aderele (less than 40 years old) about the need to always listen to his Chiefs and be on the side of the entire Community at all times with maximum humbleness and respect. The good counsel of the late sage guided the 41st Oba throughout his reign whom no one has yet to beat the record of his longest reign till today.

Late High Chief Lisa Osinrungboye was a blessed and successful farmer, slave trade business mongul and produce merchant. He is well known to be extremely powerful than anyone during his reign due his ability to disappear and reappear in another miles away. Sometimes, he changed himself to a very small man in age and walk smarter and faster. Sometimes he changed himself to a very old man and walk slowly but no one dare cross his path or enter his farm land between Okerowo down to Oke Opa and survive it.

He gave up the ghost in 1944 at nearly one and half century years old, survived by hundreds of Wives, hundreds of Children, hundreds of Grandchildren and many hundreds of slaves.

‘Odide, Akuko, ko si eiye bi Okin laiye mo’

SPECIAL TRIBUTE: Orun rere o Baba Lisa Osinrungboye, Aso, Oibaaka, Obade, Oteu, Oreu, Igi legun e gbamu t’eye t’eye, Aatitun ni Okelisa, Agbabi gongo ‘ja mu, O fai wi jare osika, Adara ma du pa je, Atebo o s’eru ole, A gbe se’e Oyinbo, Ma bu ma sa, Ma s’oro e leyin abeti lu kere bi ajere, Ipanti ji ghaa, O’ne fa ja le gun oigho, Amupin ja bi orisa, O ne uli yo gba ole de gba ole do tun da daran daran …. !!!

May Papa gentle and humble soul continue to rest in perfect … Loud Amen.

Omo rere a gbeyin gbogbo wa o …. Amin.

Otunba Damilola Oladimeji “POH, ECHGA, GIOU”
Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’
(a.k.a Double Chief)

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